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Privacy policy

1. Introduction


This Privacy Policy applies to investigations conducted by Octoplus Group SA (hereafter “we”, “Octoplus” or “O +”). We are committed to protecting the confidentiality and privacy of the information entrusted to us. We comply with current data protection regulations, including in particular the Federal Data Protection Act (LFPDT) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (PRLR). Please read this Privacy Policy to learn about your rights, what information we collect, how we use and protect it. The references to “data” in this Privacy Policy refer to any data collected by our services, whether it is answers to surveys, data collected in a form or data entered on a site hosted by us. The reference to personal information or only information, means information about you personally that we collect.



2. Information we collect


We collect information openly and in accordance with standard business practices. Personal data can be transmitted in various ways, for example when individuals give us their business card, fill out our forms and our surveys, or register for newsletters or events. In accordance with standard business practices, we often attach this information to our customer relationship management records to offer better service to our customers and understand the needs of our potential customers and prospective future collaborators. We can also collect information from the following sources:


– Public records – Data obtained from public records such as news articles, contact information published on websites or through internet searches.


– Social media sites and professional memberships – This information may include your name and email address and, depending on your privacy settings, further details about you, so please check the privacy controls of the applicable service for determine how much information you want to share with us.


– Our websites or our landing pages – When you visit one of our websites, the standard metrics of the site allow us to understand the information about who is visiting, the links on which he clicks, the time spent browsing our information or the IP address of those who visit.


All these data allow us to better understand our audience and how to best provide the information they need through the channels we provide. The use of this information to understand the psychology of the potential audience for the growth of any company is, in fact, among the primary services that Octoplus provides to our customers, and we invite you to contact us to learn more about how to maximize the understanding of these data, so that perhaps you too can make the best use of your channels for these purposes.


The details of the information we collect about you may include any of the following:


2.1 Contact information (e.g. name or email address). When you provide us with your contact information, for example, in our survey form or through the transmission of your business card, we store it in order to be able to contact you directly for the service you have requested.


2.2 Device and browser data. We collect information from the device and the application you use to access our services. Device data mainly means your IP address, the version of the operating system or the type of device or browser, which allow us to design the digital services with which the most numerous groups of our visitors interact.


2.3 Traffic log data. As is standard modern practice for a website, our servers store log files that record data every time a device accesses our servers. The files contain data on the nature of each access, including the IP addresses of origin, the Internet service providers or the files displayed on our site (e.g. HTML pages, graphics, etc.) and timestamps.


2.4 Reference information. If you have arrived on one of our pages from an external source, for example through a link, an internet search or an e-mail, we record information on the source of your access to our services.



3. How we use the information collected

We do not publicly share your personal information, in particular the contact information you have exchanged with us, for example, by passing a business card or by virtue of the form you have filled out.


Among the many services we offer as communication consultants, we provide thought leadership on market trends and innovations throughout Switzerland and on the European market. These reports come from our knowledge base through studies that we carry out on the data we receive through surveys and surveys that we can conduct at sector events, through our partners and our customers. The information we collect is used in one of two ways:


3.1 Through your intentional consent, we provide personalized analyzes of your positioning within the market by processing the detailed data you have provided us with respect to the general anonymous market data that we have collected through other sources, which allow us to segment your analyzes based on updated metrics by region, industry, services, etc.


3.2 Through our thought leadership (reports, conferences, events, etc.), thanks to which we share general data on market trends. Within these reports, no personal information is transmitted to the end user, nor in the supporting data that we attach to these reports. The data is anonymized to provide a solid pedagogical analysis of the market situation, maintaining the highest privacy standards for those who have contributed their information to the data overview and historical trends.


Our modules, surveys, surveys, surveys, etc. and any marketing materials provide you with various opt-in or -out options for our services or with a written request to delete your data entirely from our internal servers.



4. Third party applications


We do not share your information or your data with third parties outside Octoplus, except in the following limited circumstances, through third party tools contractually under the control of Octoplus Group SA which help us conduct our business, which may include:


– Newsletter services and e-mail services on a case by case basis that allow us to distribute our content to a targeted list of users who have consented to this service.


– Services that allow us to monitor the commitment with our marketing and advertising initiatives.


– Website traffic service providers that organize information about social media integrations and user metrics.


– It provides, for example, our customer relationship management service that allows us to provide better customer support and new business initiatives.


For all third-party tools, we adhere to the most rigorous practices of entering into contracts only with those suppliers who stipulate conditions of confidentiality and data processing that respect the highest levels of confidentiality, encryption and best practices on privacy and security standards . We regularly review these standards and practices, not only for you, but also for our legitimate business needs and best practices. 



5. Personalized marketing


In our marketing practices, we only use the information that you have agreed to share with us. You can choose not to participate in any direct marketing activity either with the standard opt-out options that we put within the content we share, or by contacting us directly at



6. Complaints


If you are not satisfied with how we handled your case, you have the right to contact the local data protection supervisory authority within the European Union. Our head office is located in Switzerland, where you can contact the Federal Data Protection and Information Commissioner directly. Outside of Switzerland, you can find your local data protection officer through the list of EU competent data protection authorities.