It is time to find roots, to rediscover the embrace of nature, to listen to the Earth breathing. It is time to go home.


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We build houses with extremely high safety standards, with environmentally friendly materials and energy coming largely from renewable sources.

Each space is designed to offer you maximum living comfort, a place in which architectural and technological avant-garde give life to bright and prestigious environments.
Beeliving technology ensures uncompromising strength and durability for our projects. The quality of the air, the high thermal insulation, the absence of harmful substances, and the acoustic well-being contribute to the achievement of an ambitious goal: to house your life’s project. All of this, in precise timeframes and costs because a house is a dream and must not become a financial problem.

A turnkey dream

From the research of the land to the project, from the choice of materials to the assembly, up to the management of the workers, it is our expertise to take care of all aspects of your home, which we will provide for you turnkey.

Architectural design


Interior study


Study of green spaces


Light design


Energy saving systems

How a Beeliving house is born

Land research

Each Beeliving project begins with a careful search for the land. The house should be built in the midst of greenery, far enough away from industrial centers and large traffic arterials, to enjoy a cleaner living and fresh air. Factors such as the climate, electromagnetic fields, the type of soil, the anthropic context of the site (to determine both the position of the house on the ground and its orientation), the panorama and the continuity with historical urban forms.

Design and assembly

The design and construction of the prefabricated modules are done in collaboration with partner companies, using technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable materials. In this phase, all the elements that will make up the home are produced: external walls, internal walls, floors, roofs, pillars and so on. Each structural component is first subjected to strict quality controls and then sent to the construction site, where our builders assemble the each layer and all other parts of the house.

Furniture and testing

Beeliving deals with the furnishing of the prefabricated building, trying to blend the various elements in a balanced way and, as far as possible, referring to eco-sustainable materials. Once the work has been tested, we will give you the keys to your new home. Accompanied with all the important documents relating to the building and its maintenance. We make our knowledge and skills available for your projects: from the ground to the finished house, as if it was our own project, but accompanying you step by step.