It is time to find roots, to rediscover the embrace of nature, to listen to the Earth breathing. It is time to go home.


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Prefabrication means using the most advanced construction systems to create safe, comfortable and efficient wooden houses.

Unlike a traditional house, where generally the load-bearing elements that make up the structure's skeleton are pillars and beams, in a wooden house the load-bearing elements are the walls and floors. The use of "dry" wooden X-Lam or wooden frame structures ensures a clear reduction in construction times because they guarantee greater design flexibility and satisfy your every request for costs and quality.

This system exploits the enormous potential of wood and ensures high characteristics of mechanical resistance, anti-seismic safety, fire safety, thermal and acoustic performance, air quality. The design and construction of the prefabricated modules is done in collaboration with partner companies, using technologically advanced and environmentally sustainable materials.