It is time to find roots, to rediscover the embrace of nature, to listen to the Earth breathing. It is time to go home.


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We do not build houses, but natural habitats in which to make people's emotions real.

Human, environment, and design are the three key words of Beeliving: we plan, produce, and build eco- friendly single-family homes in compliance with the principles of green building and green architecture. Each house is designed and built in transparent harmony with its surroundings with the aim of combining the best housing quality and the least possible expenditure of energy.

Building bio, a philosophy of life

The roots of our architecture

Eco-sustainability, energy efficiency, and quality of life are the essential elements of our architecture.

Home as a living organism

We should understand the house as a living entity, which should fit naturally into its space and not as a sealed barrier between what’s outside and what’s in.

The beauty of nature

We cultivate the search for beauty through a minimalist design, transparent, and in harmony with the surrounding environment.

The echo of technology

Returning to nature does not mean going back in time: by Beeliving, eco-sustainability and technology are combined under one roof.

The choice of materials is the starting point for a healthy building for humans and the environment.

Quality is an essential value of Beeliving, a tangible and verifiable commitment in all our constructions. It is precisely for this purpose that our houses are certified according to the most important quality standards.